Krishna’s last lesson for Arjuna

As soon as Sri Krishna concluded his divine play on Earth and left the planet, Arjuna understood that it was not his power that had won the Mahabharata war but that he was only a puppet — an instrument that Krishna had shaped to carry out his plan. It is interesting to note that Arjuna, in spite of his nearness to Krishna, took an entire lifetime to understand this, reflecting the situation of all jivas.

Earlier, Arjuna had seen his own chariot turn into ashes and a big miracle by Ved Vyas and had heard the lecture by Krishna, especially delivered to him. Yet, being a human being, he could not understand the most important points. Sometimes, difficult lessons in life are understood by revising the related theoretical concepts again and again; when this approach does not work, we have to experience the difficulty ourselves and come out of it. Now that Arjuna’s time to leave Earth was also near, Nature delivered the final lesson: Arjuna lost a battle to ordinary thieves who were fighting with wooden clubs and running away with Dwarka’s wealth. To make it worse, he even forgot how to discharge his arrows from the bow. For a warrior who possessed all the divine weapons reachable in the solar system, this was a major blow to the ego — the biggest loss that he had ever experienced. Possibly, this event was much bigger for him than the destruction of all the generals of the Kuruvansha and the Yaduvansha.

As the Vishnu Purana tells us, when Arjuna visited Ved Vyas after losing his last battle, Vyas said “Everyone that is born must die. Everyone that rises must fall. A union always ends in a separation, and all accumulation ends with a loss.” Vyas further advised the Pandavas to renounce everything, leave the kingdom, and spend their remaining days in the forest.

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